Guest Post – Candyfloss Review

Published July 3, 2013 by booksforbirds2013
This is a guest post done by Erika from the Red Bookmark, you can visit her blog here.

This book is about a girl called Flossie who’s Mum and Dad split up. Her Mum has recently got together with a man called Steve and naturally Flossie and Steve do NOT get on! They have one kid called Tiger. Every weekend Flossie would go to her Dad’s house, a greasy cafe. Flossie (and her Dad) can never wait for the weekends. 

My Summary
This is one of my favourite books by Jacqueline Wilson. The story starts off on Flossie’s birthday where she woken up by her Mum, Steve and her half brother, Tim singing ‘Happy Birthday to you‘ 
For her birthday, she gets a kangaroo plushie and some stationary (letter writing). 
Her mum and Steve give her extremely bad news, Steve has to move to Australia because of work. He and Flossie’s Mum decides that it is best if Flossie comes with them. She then finds out her Mum picked the birthday gifts very smartly… She got stationary to write to her Dad (Who she loves so much, but can’t see any more) and a kangaroo toy because they’re going to Australia for a whole six months! She meets this lady who serves her when she and her Dad bought cnady floss at the fair. She seems very strange because she can read hands and grand wishes. Is she much to care about in the story? Will Flossie go to Australia for 6 months or will she decide to stay with her Dad? What will happen if Flossie decides to stay with her Dad? 
What I thought of it

I thought this book was a excellent read and you should definitely check it out This book uses first person and I think books are easier to write and read when it is in first person. It’s quite a gripping book because it really makes you feel what Flossie is feeling, what she feels about leaving her best friend, Rhiannon – who really isn’t much of a friend, and most of all, leaving her Dad. Jacqueline did a very good job on describing the characters in the way they acted, she didn’t put a long paragraph on how the look and their personality, that’s what I like about Jacqueline Wilson, she describes the characters in a secretive way to make the reader imagine more what the character looks like and him or her’s personality. I would definitely give you a little sneak peek on some of the character’s personalities (note that these are my opinions of the characters so they may vary  from when you read the book): 
  • Flossie’s dad (Charlie) – Kind and accepting, he stands up for what he thinks is right, emotional at times, means well
  • Mum’s new husband (Steve) – Snobbish, not very nice (because of scenes of ‘smirking’)
That’s all I’m going to tell you! I really recommend you read this book. I give it a 5/5! I found nothing faulty about this book, excellent read! To buy this book, search in your local book store (WHSMITH should have it) or you can buy this book on Amazon: Click HERE

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