Interview with Carrie Arcos

Published July 10, 2013 by booksforbirds2013
I was so excited to get to talk with the author of ‘Out of Reach’ and got to ask her some questions!!

If you were a genie which wish would you absolutely NOT grant?
I would not grant someone the ability to kill another person.
How do you get rid of things like writers block?
I try approaching the story from a different angle, like point of view, or place or even character. I also read and watch TV, and absorb story, anything that has to do with story.
Was writing always something you wanted to do?
Yes, but I had to overcome fear before I pursued it in earnest.
What would your advice be to aspiring writers?
Read. Read all kinds of books. I know how a story flows not because of how many classes I’ve taken, but because of all the stories I’ve read. Another thing I’d say is not to take yourself too seriously. Your writing is not your identity.
What are some recent books you have read?
I recently read Just Kids by Patti Smith and loved it. I’m in the middle of Holly Black’s The Doll Bones and think it’s pretty good and creepy.
What is the naughtiest thing you ever did in school?
I was never naughty in school. I was too afraid to get in trouble. Boring, I know. Wait, probably the worst was ditching Senior year. Friends had to drag me along because I never ditched. It was liberating and terrifying because I thought the cops would show up and arrest us at the donut shop.
If you were a tree what would you be and why?
A weeping willow because I grew up with a huge one in my yard. I used to love swinging on the branches. When I see them now they make me feel both happy and sad, a little bit of homesick.
What is your favorite part of the day and why?
The morning because I have so much energy and it’s full of possibility.
What’s your next project? (if you can tell me that)
Of course. I have a book called There Will Come a Time due out in May 2014. It’s about 17 year old Mark who is grieving the loss of his twin sister, Grace. When he and Hanna, their neighbor, find a list of things Grace wanted to do before the year ended, they set out to accomplish them together. It’s another YA contemporary, and I’m super excited for it.

Can you list five adjectives to describe yourself?
Sassy, loyal, extraverted, healthy, driven
Can you tell me a unique, or quirky habit of yours?
I don’t like to have any of my food touch on my plate. And I usually eat one thing at a time before moving on to the other.
If you were to create a slogan for you life, what would it be?
Be a voice of hope.
Favorite ice-cream flavor?
Chocolate Malted Crunch from Thrifty

Thanks for everything Carrie!! xx
You can follow Carrie on twitter @carriearcos

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