Summer Savings

Published July 12, 2013 by booksforbirds2013
Yes I know! It’s already summer, just lay of me for a minute! Okay, yes I admit its been summer for a bit now, but, yes there is a but, I’ve been so busy getting other things sorted for the blog I didn’t have the time to get this done. There I told ya, so just wait and read the rest of this wonderful post! (See I can be nice when I want :D)

So, as you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post (or not) this is about books I’ve been saving for summer, to be reads.

Number 1 – The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene

I feel like everyone has read this book but me! In all honesty I barely have a clue what it’s about or even read the blurb. Hey, don’t judge! Like I said I’ve been busy! Anyway after seeing all the positive feedback from other book bloggers and friends I put it down as a book to be read, and soon review so you can look forward to that!

Number 2 – Teachers  Dead  by  Benjamin  Zephaniah

 As you may know I recently did a review on another book of Benjamin Zephaniah’s which was ‘Refugee Boy’ after that I completely fell in love with his writing style and wanted to read more, sadly I haven’t had the chance, but it’s summer. I’m gonna grab some books (or my kindle) and read!

Number 3 – Shipwrecked by Siobham Curham

Again, this is another book so many people seem to of read, all except me, I’ve read some reviews on this book and it sounded really good. It doesn’t seem like my usual book preference but that’s even better as I’m super excited to read this anyway!


Okay, I’m getting tired of you guys making accusations before I’ve even finished! Yes I know Allegant isn’t coming out for another 103 days and however many hours, minutes and seconds, which means it won’t be summer but I did pre-order the book before summer wanting to save it so technically it still counts! If you have read my review policy you probably know that one of my book preferences is dystopian fiction. After reading Insurgent, and loving it!, and finding out it was part of a trilogy I immediately went and bought Divergent and loved that as well. So the conclusion is eagerly anticipated!!

Lastly, as many of us book bloggers probably experience my to-be-read shelf is infinite! But these are a few I am going to read, haha. Everyday I find new books that sound soooo good, I can’t but help go and get the,!

Enjoy!! xx

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