Interview with Blogger Rita – Weaving Pages

Published July 15, 2013 by booksforbirds2013
The other day I got to sit down with the amazing Rita from the book blog Weaving Pages!! And she kindly answered some questions for me. So here they are!

Hiya, can you tell me a little about yourself?
Well, My name is Rita and I am the owner of a blog named Weaving Pages where I post reviews and loads of bookish things. There is also the odd rant about a book cover as well as a HUGE fangirlish rant about a bookish movie that is coming out..( but that’s the normal thing to do, right?)

Yes, that I completely the normal thing to do! – Well for us book fanatics 😀
How did you come up with the name ‘Weaving Pages’ for your blog?
My blog started on April 1st 2013 because I had been inspired by other blogs and booktubers to start my own blog. So I sat down and spent absolute ages thinking of a name, it got to the point where my mum was having to help me come up with something! Then I think the word Weaving popped into my head, and then it became Weaving Pages! (I have no idea how my mind functions, so things just end up popping up!)

I spent an entire night thinking of my name in the end I just typed in random bookish titles in Google to make sure no-one else had thought of it first…
Is there anything you dislike about book blogging?
Ummm..THIS IS A MEAN QUESTION…I suppose that having to be organised is slightly annoying…I honestly think that book blogging makes you procrastinate SO much because I have experienced the mad-rush-to-write-review-before-tomorrow feeling..!

Haha, yeah I get that feeling a lot!
What do you picture yourself doing if you hadn’t started Weaving Pages?
I WOULD HAVE NO LIFE…No, but before blogging I had nothing where I could completely rant about amazing books so I think my friends were starting to hate me slightly, because they were the people who ended up having to listen to my rants…Honestly, I would probably have no friends..!!

Aww, I would rant to my parents and save my friends the earache. ‘Cept my parents told me where to get of, haha, just joking. 
Whats your favorite part of book blogging?
The book blogging community. I can not stress how awesome these people are because they are just amazing. I completely recommend getting Twitter when you blog and involving yourself in things like bookish parties or  even sobbing along with other bloggers when you can’t go to BEA! I have met so many awesome bloggers and I think that it’s so nice to meet a bunch of people who love books as much as I do! Also, you have the BEST conversations (*hugs REAL Peeta* Don’t we Zoe, Hawwa and Amy?).

I had a lovely convo with Peeta the other day, we were talking about the advantages of industrial sized ovens in normal homes!
Do you view book blogging as a hobby, a job, or something in-between? (e.g. a hobby that requires work but is enjoyable :D)
Book Blogging is definitely a hobby, that requires some work, but I always see it more as something I do for pleasure and for other people’s enjoyment (I hope!). Otherwise, I don’t think I’d enjoy having to do something instead of choosing to do something!  
Wait! I’ve had a sudden thought that has nothing to do with this question: GIFs are like the portraits in Harry Potter!!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE *sings happily*

We have our own talking portraits!! Whoop!
Would you say that in book blogging itself helped you reach a wider range of genres and or books, than perhaps if you hadn’t started it??
Definitely. I have read some books whilst blogging that I would have probably never read if it weren’t for blogging. The thing is that you discover so many books from blogging that then you end up sobbing into your pillow because you won’t have time to read all the awesome books in the world. You also end up meeting A LOT of book pushers who MAKE you read books or at least add them to your TBR list on Goodreads. Books that you would never read like Vampire Academy. Not naming any names *cough* Amber and Judith.

Haha, but what would the world be like without Book Pushers? 😀
What are your views on books in general? (e.g. my answer would perhaps be’ a world, and many lives in your hands, yeah.. that’s so soppy… )
I also think that books have a lot of power over the reader, but then again, so does the author because they have the power to just kill off a beloved character and completely torture the whole fandom by doing so. (That’s a lot of power, so please don’t do this Authors, because I will not be held responsible for the injuries inflicted on the people nearby)

What has your favorite read been over the past three months? why?
Does it have to be one? I really liked Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi because I loved every single thing about it! I loved the romance, the world, the writing, EVERYTHING. I really recommend this to everyone! One of my favourite recent books was The Madman’s Daughter and I really recommend this book as well!

Yes, It did have to be one! Thanks for that ‘friendly’ suggestion, I’ll have to check them out!
On your blog its states that you are obsessed with ‘The Hunger Games’ (like me!!), so what are you’re views on the whole dystopian topic/genre?
Firstly, is it possible to not be obsessed with The Hunger Games? Oh, and high five to everyone who likes Peeta better than Gale (which should be everyone in the fandom…)!
For some unknown reason, I just really like dystopian novels, just like I practically like every genre there is, but I can’t think of a dystopian book that I haven’t liked. Maybe it’s because I like reading people’s ideas of what would happen in the future or during an apocalypse!

*High-fives Rita*, Thanks for those answers Rita, lovely chat!
You can follow Rita on Bloglovin’, Twitter, Facebook and Subscribe by Email, also check out her awesome blog! 


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