15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 1

Published July 18, 2013 by booksforbirds2013
Right, the other day I was on Tiffany Loves to Read (note: great blog!) as I was entering a giveaway and I had some time to kill so I looked through the posts and saw the ’15 Day Book Blogger Challenge’ which originated from Good Books and Good Wine, and decided it would be something fun to do over the couple of weeks :D.

Day 1: Make 15 Book Related Confessions –
1. I always read the last chapter first, I know, criminal.. I just can’t help it. It makes everything have a higher level of tension when you have a clue of the last words. But I never read the climax, before the rest of the book!!
2. I do admit that I sometimes ‘judge a book by its cover’ if I’m not in a particularly happy, amazing, I love books mood then I’ll be picky about it.
3. I do not judge characters, I am quite a philosophical person its my personality. Really, I understand the characters I hold out to see what happens, I don’t really know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But if I can relate to a character in some way, I kinda look at myself in that situation as well…
4. If I’m not happy with an ending or a beginning in a book, I re-create it myself, mentally, just to see what would happen with the different combination.
5. I said I didn’t judge characters, but I do happen to judge the book itself, I have ‘tailored’ tastes, I suppose you could call it, when it comes to book so that does happen to taint the type of story I read, but now that I book blog I try not to be so judgmental so that my reads can get a variety of genres, and I’m happy I do that now, since I love a wider range of books now.
7. I do like to keep my books in mint condition but occasionally there is the accidental spill of coffee, tea, or water, so you would’ve thought I’d learnt my lesson and kept beverages away from my cherished book? Uh.. no, I still do that! 😀
8. I know that I have a book addiction. It un-curable. The doctors can’t do anything, or the psychologists. And I’m happy.
9. The only thing that is usually, perfectly, organized in my room are my books ❤ 
10. If I’ve seen the movie of a book before I’ve read it, I don’t tend to go on and actually read the book, for some reason.. 
11. If I’m really into a book and am going to read it in one sitting, I will shift positions a lot. One minute on the couch, the next lying on the bed etc. 
12. When I’m reading a book, and I need to go do something urgently, I won’t/can’t put the book down without at least getting the the end of the chapter.
13. If someone has writing a book using something that can easily become cliched I am analytic of the book, to see if they succeeded in making it their own original take on the topic.  
14. I’m an old fashioned book worm I love having a real book, compared to an e-book, that may seem a little contradictory to the fact, that if you’ve read some of my previous posts, I own a kindle, there is a difference between preference and compromise! 
15. If food is mentioned in a book e.g. cake, and it available in the house, I’ll go get some and eat it while I’m reading the book!
So far I’ve had loads of fun doing this. All you have to do to join in is grab the image above and begin working on it!

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