Books VS Reality

Published July 28, 2013 by booksforbirds2013
Now this post is sort of a chance for me to rant a little on book situations versus real life. I got the idea from a few video’s I watched age’s ago, though they were slightly different. In all fairness I think I haven’t done a full on rant, I’ve been containing myself for a bit 😀 Anyway, here we go!

#1 – Mysterious Stranger

Now this is something I’ve seen more commonly in novels that have a little romantic side.

Book – So, it goes something along the lines of ‘He walked out of the darkness, and they’re eyes met. From that moment he knew she was the one,’ or something similar, not that I pay much attention usually my irritation clouds my thoughts .
Reality – Its a lot different in reality I mean come on! Some stranger walks out of the darkness and stares at you intensely? I would start running, why on earth would that be something good or romantic, it’s like he’s a stalker or something just waiting to grab you…

#2 – Good Always Wins

I’m not trying to be pessimistic or anything with this, but look at it logically, our lives aren’t books. The word fiction exists for a reason! I don’t wanna sound all end-of-the-world but, c’mon good does not always win, not matter how much we want it to.

Book – Right well, I have never read a book where the hero/heroine dies, ever – so in essence that really mean that their being cowardly and hiding out or have defeated their enemy, like so; ‘She looked into his eyes, and saw not cold ice but fear, his hands were shaking. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, and with that thrust her dagger,’ and there you have it the evil is destroyed, main character still alive everyone’s happy.
Reality – Time and time again, our hero or heroine won’t always win and that’s the truth of it. Sometime they’ll miss, or they’ll be too slow, or the opposition was just too great. Again, I’m not trying to make you sad or anything, but reality IS reality.

3# – Miracles Do Happen

There’s nothing bad in this one so keep reading! This last one, I’ve saved to put a smile back on your face. Because miracles do exist, in every shape and form. It one of the few things that is as amazing in life as it is in a book.

Book – ‘He took his last breath, and his hand stiffened, his face went still, his eyes glazed over. “Nooo!” she shouted, “I won’t let you!” She got onto her knee’s and began praying fiercely to every and any god that would hear her, slowly rain began to fall, and she stopped praying. Her tears mingled with the rain water, as she sobbed. Then there was a coughing, spluttering noise. She opened her eyes, and saw him sitting up, weak though, he was alive.’ This is quite a fictional rendering of my point but it carries the idea, I hope.
Reality – I really don’t know how to write this, there’s so many things that I believe are miracles, you know? I mean cancer survivors who went through the very worst that they thought they’d never make it, but they’re standing here today, medical miracles. Any miracles. But they DO exist.

Foot-note: This was quite different from some of my usual posts, little bit of nitty-gritty. But, again, I just want to stress this wasn’t to make anyone sad, or whatever, it was just to show that we have fiction for a reason. And that reason; is so we as writers and readers can me our own decisions about life. 

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