3 Signs You Are a Book-A-Holic

Published August 20, 2013 by booksforbirds2013

Okay, so I’m sure we’ve all seen the same signs among us book bloggers. Obviously, why would we book blog if we didn’t show these ”signs”?? haha, If you are a book lover, a someone in denial, hopefully these 3 signs will help you decide!

#1 Your Local Librarian/Book Owner Knows You-

So, it’s pretty simple why this would happen; you go to your local library or book shop so often that the person who works the regular shift knows you well enough for a wave, a smile, a ‘How ya doin’?’ And, yes, I have experienced this, and in no way is it a bad thing, it is nice to walk into a bookish place, and not have someone who is a complete stranger hovering over you while you are trying to find good books. Its also nice to walk in, and someone, you see every-time you walk in, nod and be like ‘You’re back, go ahead and get your books. Spend as much time as you like.’ Inside their heads of course, but you can tell.

#2 You Are Personally Close To The Characters (Especially in a Series) –  

You have to admit it, once you get really into a book, you CARE about the characters. And in a series, once you’ve read about the characters over the course of two books (or more) its even closer. Like… when I was reading… (casting around for ideas here…) The Hunger Games (Mockingjay); I kinda expected it in my ‘bookish instinct’, or whatever you call it, but at the moment in the end of Mockingjay when Prim dies, I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand, it was like shocking-but-I-knew-it-was-going-to-happen-but-I-didn’t-want-it-to-happen-so-I-was-hoping-it-wasn’t-going-to. 

3# When You Find Someone Who’s Read A Book You’ve Read Immediate Bonding –

Yes, the subheading was long-winded but; moving on! I find myself doing this, perhaps not constantly, but quite a lot. Like, for example, when I was speaking to Amber (The Mile Long Bookshelf) for the first time I unearthed that we were both Super-Potterheads and for about and hour, I think, we were quoting the books and the movies… *cough* haha sorry, about that Amber. But you get my point, when you meet someone who’s as big a fan as you about the books you’ve read you can’t help yourself, really.

Anyway, I know this has been my first post in a while. So, I hope that was a little refreshing. It would be great to hear in the comments if you’ve experienced any of these signs! Look out for my next review: Rebirth by Debbie Brown. 

Fionnuala x


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