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For those of you who don’t know I’ve been planning this special/feature of posts for the month of September all related to or about Dystopian fiction. There were two reasons why i decided to do this: 1) Is that I’m going back to school tomorrow and starting Year Ten, and my timetable is is soooooo full this year that I won’t be able to post as often. Though I’ll try for at least two posts every seven days. 2) It was just an idea I had that I thought would be really fun to get different people (authors, and bloggers) involved.

Even though this took a bit of planning and adjusting it was really fun and I just want to thank everyone who contributed and helped make this possible! :D

Welcome back, to another Dystopian Delights post. I now have a post from author Stacy Claflin!

Does Dystopia Show the Future Consequences? by Stacy Claflin

Dystopian society in fiction is like any other kind of fiction in that there is some of the real world elements brought into a made up world. In most cases, the authors base their dystopia on some element of our reality going terribly wrong. It starts with a ‘what if…?’ question. What if a small faction of society found a way to overtake the government? What if an alien race took over and forced humans to be slaves? What if dragons are actually sleeping underground and they wake up tomorrow and make it their goal to kill all the adults? What if a psychotic dictator suddenly arose from an unknown country and persuaded all of the countries on the planet to follow him? Depending on the type of fiction, the dystopian society would obviously be more or less likely to happen. Aliens and dragons are unlikely to overtake the human race, but a small group could conceivably rise to gain power and destroy the lives of many. The what if question leads to an extreme and heavily distorted answer to the question. That’s what makes a good story. Although highly unlikely to become reality, I think that it does give an indication of something that could possibly happen. In most cases, you can take elements from any given dystopian tale and find ways that it shows something that could potentially happen if things were to go awry in our world. What is usually most interesting is the human reactions to the extreme situations. When we read these stories, we find out how the characters think, act and feel. During that experience, we are able to put ourselves in their shoes and think about how we might react if we were in the same position. The fact that they cause us to think about the way that things could be is a good thing. Perhaps it can even help us to make the world around us into a better place.

About Stacy Claflin

Image of Stacy ClaflinStacy loves writing, reading, and watching Young and New Adult Paranormal and Paranormal

Romance. When she’s not busy writing, she’s spending time with her family and running a preschool

from home.






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  • I love when Dystopians are so scarily realistic that we question our future and society! It really does compliment the talent of the author. We as a world are advancing each day! The new IPhone has a finger print scanner, I can only imagine the technology that will come up in the future and how that will change our society. It’s scary and fascinating really. Great Post!

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