This page is all about me, haha does that sound a bit shallow and vain?? Nevermind.
I’m a normal thirteen year-old who loves books, reading, and making up her own stories.
I’ve always wanted to do a book blog, and now I’ve finally got round to it!
My friend who runs The Mile Long Book Shelf helped me out with this quite a lot, even if she doesn’t know it, so if you ever read this Amber I just wanna say a BIG THANKS for that.
I am an exceptionally quick reader, give me the time and I’ll have read at least three decent sized books within a day. And I’ve always loved doing reviews after I read them, but had no where to put them!!
Now I do, and I’m really excited to be getting to do this book blog and sharing it with other people.
Some of my favorite authors include: Cathy Cassidy, Anthony Horowitz, J.K Rowling, Michael Grant and many more!! My favourite genre tends to either be conspiracy or horror with a dose of action or adventure. I don’t read that many girly books, but for the sake of this blog I suppose I’m going to have to, *stares dejectedly at the screen*.
Onto something else.. any instruments? I play guitar.. well when I say play, more of a sound that makes dogs howl and shatters glass, I’m joking!! I also play the keyboard in my spare time.
I’m quite a creative person, with a vivid imagination. My favorite school subjects are English, Science, and Geography.
I’m nearing the end of year 9 at the minute and shockingly enough can’t wait to start my GCSE prep in September!!
You can contact me at: thepageturnerblog@gmail.com

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